We live in a time of great economic uncertainty and disparity. Finding or keeping a job is hard work for anyone. Without having access to a car, competing for good employment and access to safe housing is almost impossible. Now imagine that you are struggling to get by and you have also recently been exposed to a traumatic or debilitating life-experience such as active military duty, loss of your home, or incarceration. Imagine that you have no savings, no significant family financial support, and maybe not even a safe, stable place to live.

In order to put your life back in order, you desperately need a car. But how can you possibly get a car when you have no credit and very little money?

That’s where Freedom Cars can help 

Mike was in prison for more than twenty years as a result of an offense committed when he was a teenager. He is now working with a non-profit to help others re-enter mainstream society. Freedom Cars found him a red Saturn at a reasonable cost.

Robert returned home from a tour of Afghanistan to try to rebuild his life in spite of challenges caused by war. FCA helped him prepare a financial presentation of his veteran’s benefits, and helped him finance a Volkswagen Jetta, so he could go to school and his wife could get to work.