What Is Freedom Cars All About?

Freedom Cars is a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping people successfully reenter their communities from difficult situations which may have temporarily hindered their ability to find a job, get adequate housing, and provide for their families.

Freedom Cars is not a charity. We do not hand out “free” money. We do not give away cars.   We do provide a leg-up for those whose lives have been temporarily interrupted by events such as experience with war, incarceration, or loss of a home.  We work with individuals and families that are not giving up and are desperately trying to get back on their feet and reenter the mainstream.  Through referrals from veterans groups, reentry organizations and local community and housing groups, Freedom Cars locates the courageous and hearty that simply refuse to give up.  They are committed to reentering the mainstream and to provide the basic necessities for their families, no matter what the challenges.

We believe that everyone is entitled to a “second chance.”  Freedom Cars was founded to help provide that second chance to those who want to put their lives back together, find a job, support their families, and become successful, taxpaying citizens in their communities.  Keeping hard working people from falling into poverty strengthens our communities and makes them safer.

Our Mission

The gap between rich and poor in the United States increases daily as the number of Americans seeking work – unsuccessfully – magnifies financial inequality and threatens social stability. With over 15% of U.S. citizens – including 20% of our nation’s children – living below the poverty level, the number of Americans living in poverty has never been greater.

The mission of Freedom Cars is to help Americans get steady jobs and support themselves and their families.  We do this by providing each member of the Freedom Car Program with access to a lease on a reliable used car.

Everybody faces setbacks in life. All of us make mistakes. All of us encounter problems which set us back. Sometimes these events send us into a tailspin – we look around and have a hard time finding a route back to financial stability. Having access to a car can make a big difference.

Approximately 90% of all Americans drive to work.  Those who can’t drive often do not work. Freedom Cars is designed to make leasing a quality used car possible for a population that often does not have options.  Mixing a creative blend of locally-based financial guarantees and the services of local nonprofit providers, Freedom Cars makes the dream of having a car come true. With a small down payment, below market terms, and the support necessary to make sure that program members succeed in finding and maintaining employment, Freedom Cars helps people to become successful members of their communities.