The Freedom Car program is designed to help people whose lives have been temporarily disrupted though such events as active duty military service, incarceration, job loss, and homelessness.

Persons eligible for the program include:

  • A veteran returning from active duty within the past twelve months.
  • The spouse or domestic partner of a veteran on active duty. (Priority is given to families with minor children.)
  • A formerly incarcerated individual that has been released from prison or jail during the prior twelve months.
  • The spouse or domestic partner of an incarcerated individual. (Priority is given to families with minor children.)
  • Families that have lost a home – whether a rental or owned — as a result of foreclosure.

Cars provided by the Freedom Car program are made available for lease or purchase by eligible persons as defined above. These financial arrangements require only a small down payment. A bad credit history, or no credit history, does not automatically disqualify an applicant. Nor does the existence of a criminal conviction. A recommendation from a social service agency is helpful in the application process, but is not required. Please note that we cannot provide cars for persons with substance abuse issues, or persons on methadone maintenance.

 It is not necessary to have a job to qualify for a loan to acquire a Freedom Car. All that is required is a sincere desire to find full-time employment, and an active commitment to do so.

Most Freedom Cars are supplied as leased vehicles. Standard maintenance costs are included in the lease cost. Monthly payments will generally not exceed $150. There is a small down payment.

Freedom Cars may also be purchased from Freedom Cars of America, Inc., Purchases from private individuals or unapproved dealers are not permitted.

Freedom Car participants are responsible for keeping their Freedom Cars in good condition. If a Freedom Car participant cannot make timely payments, the car may be returned voluntarily. In this event, the balance of the lease or loan will be forgiven.  If the car is not returned voluntarily and payments are not made, the car will be repossessed, and the individual will be responsible for repossession costs and lease termination expenses.

*At the present time, Freedom Cars are available through an initial pilot program in Connecticut only. Additional states will be included until coverage is provided in all states. Contact Freedom Cars for estimated availability in your state.